Vienna Art Week 2014, 17-23/11

 Vienna Art Week 2014,  17-23/11

VIENNA ART WEEK 2014 “Running Minds” (Grafik: Perndl +Co


 In just a decade, the consistent focus on exciting,
cutting edge art discourse
has transformed VIENNA ART WEEK from a high-profile network of art experts
into an internationally recognized arts festival.
The cultural city of Vienna has become a European hotspot for contemporary art
and the site of excellent art and exhibition projects with international appeal.
Looking back on ten successful years of VIENNA ART WEEK,
“Running Minds” – as the festival’s 2014 edition is titled –
offers yet another compelling, condensed look
at Vienna’s thriving art scene.

An initiative of DOROTHEUM, the guiding vision for VIENNA ART WEEK has always been to give international context to a city with world-class museums, exhibition halls and galleries – a place where one is likely to encounter both innovative, cross-media contemporary art and unique historical art treasures. 79 program partners will be participating in this year’s VIENNA ART WEEK (including Art Cluster Vienna, which includes all the major museums and art institutions in the city, renowned galleries and alternative spaces), again offering international highlights with an equally diverse and complex program. Thanks to the outstanding commitment of all those involved, the seven days of VIENNA ART WEEK will be filled with exhibitions, performances, discussions, tours and studio visits, offering visitors a comprehensive update on the city’s goings-on. The motto “Running Minds” also sheds light on ideas that have preoccupied us from the beginning: how do artistic thinking and production processes, which aim to create new orders and unknown realities, affect the current human condition? How do the hidden obsessions behind them alter our perception of the world? As an immediate opportunity to get to the bottom of these questions, VIENNA ART WEEK’s Studio Day gives visitors a chance to visit some 70 artists in their studios, which is also the site of their creative activity. Last year also saw the introduction of the hugely successful program highlight Curators’ Picks, which promotes exchange with international curators. We sincerely thank our program partners and sponsors, and hope that the spark of passion for contemporary art that we feel in our anniversary year is one that will spread to our visitors as well!


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